Novemeber 2017

Barwicks announce the opening of a brand new site at Bridgewater

Barwicks open a brand new site next door to the Brighton transport hub. The new site is located in Bluemetal drive and replaces the Granton site which Barwicks operated out of for over 40 years.
This site will bring better access and service to our customers.

Barwicks Bridgewater Landscaping Supplies Store
August 2016

Barwicks & Tyrecycle partner up to reduce tyres being sent to landfill

We have recently partnered with tyre recycling giant Tryecycle to shred up to 300,000 used tyres per year that would otherwise be heading for landfill.
A 1.5 million dollar plant has now been built at Bridgewater. This plant will provide local jobs and provide a boost to the local econnemy aswell as providing a much needed environmentall solution to the hundreds of thousands tyres that are usually sent to landfill in the state per year.
Used tyres are collected and undergo a primary shreading at the new plant. The shreaded tyres are then sent to Tyrecycles Melbourne plant for further recycling into new products such as building materials, playground soft floors and boat coatings.

In the news:
Tyre recycling facilities could turn oversupply into competitive industry
Tyrecyle and Barwick’s Landscape Supplies open Bridgewater plant to divert old tyres from landfill
Zero waste tyres to landfill in new Tassie partnership a large pile of used car tyres

Creation of Pure Living Soils

In late 2012, Barwick’s in a joint venture with Pure Foods Pty Ltd purchase a major composting manufacturing facility at Interlaken – Oatlands. This site provides sustainable waste management solutions for companies throughout Tasmania, by taking their problem wastes and turning them into a valuable product. Our Pure Compost is not only good for your soil it’s good for the environment.


A new manufacturing plant

In 2009 Barwick’s purchase the Gunn’s Veneer mill at boyer. Relocating the manufacturing & production side of the business from Granton. With that they also purchased a new pine bark screening plant and bark colouring machine.


A new site at Mornington

In 2007 Barwicks purchased Eastern Shore Landscape Supplies located in the Mornington Transfer Station providing a comprehensive range of landscaping products. This set the scene for an expansion into the retail market.


Purchase of new plant

In 2004 Barwicks invested significantly into a new pine bark screening plant as well as a new 680hp Redback mulcher to keep up with an increase in demand


New plant & contracts

The 1990’s Barwick’s consolidated its operations by purchasing a high-speed 480hp Van Gelder Mulcher with contracts with major councils in & around Hobart, Barry & Jan’s youngest son Tyronn starts work in the office.


Shreader to Process Gum bark

Barwick’s continued to expand and in 1988 purchase their first shredder for processing gum bark, and with their son Scott taking on the roll as yard manager they was setting the foundation for Barwick’s reputation as a supplier of high quality products.


Landscape Supplies

In 1983 the loss of the ash contract was in hindsight a blessing with the beginning of the landscape supply business with the successful tendering for the removal & sale of Pine Bark from ANM. This saw Barwick’s also purchase Barry’s fathers loam & manure business; this was the start of establishing the Barwick’s name as a major landscape supplier.


A business is born

Barry & Jan Barwick started their business in 1977 operating under the trading name B & J Barwick transporting coal ash under contract for ANM Paper Mill (Boyer) to the mill landfill site.

Barwicks is a family owned & proud Tasmanian business

In over 40 years Barwicks has built their reputation as a supplier of high quality products and intend to continue leading the way in the wholesale & retail landscaping supply industry by introducing new products & innovations into the marketplace as well as providing environmental services to various organisations.

the Barwick family