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Barwick’s Landscape Supplies is a Tasmanian business that has over 40 years experience in providing Environmental services & the supply of Landscaping materials to the public and to commercial operations.

Barwick’s add value to forest and manufacturing residual wastes that would be heading for landfill.

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Our valuable operations staff will deliver the best service to you, be it through our yards at Mornington, Glenorchy or Bridgewater or delivered Statewide to your site or property

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Barwick’s Tasmania recycles green waste that would otherwise be heading for landfill into rich organic compost.

Composts is very beneficial for your garden

Helps retain moisture in the soil. Cools the root zone of plants which lowers transpiration of moisture from the plant. Builds soil structure and adds nutrients (fertilizer is still recommended). Aids micro-organisms that are beneficial to plants and soil. Helps prevent salinity problems by reducing evaporation. Introduces organic material into poor soils.

Potting mulch bark


126 Mornington Road
Mornington TAS 7018

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Mon to Fri: 7:30am – 5pm‚
Sat: 8:30am – 4pm‚
Sun: 9:30am – 3pm Public Holidays: Closed


Bluemetal Drive
Bridgewater TAS 7030

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Sat: 8:30am – 12:30pm,
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49 Jackson Street
Glenorchy TAS 7010

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